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Daimler supports new trucking industry training

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Daimler Truck and Bus, has agreed to join a new technical education initiative to create community partnerships between schools, employers and community stakeholders.

Cummins Technical Education for Communities (TEC) creates opportunities for a new generation of Australian technicians with a strong focus on disadvantaged areas where quality vocational training can help make a difference to the community and provide opportunity to young people.

Daniel Whitehead, Daimler Truck and Bus president and CEO, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cummins South Pacific managing director and TEC program sponsor, Steph Disher, outlining DTB’s commitment to the program.

Mr Whitehead said Daimler Truck and Bus, which includes the Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Fuso and Alliance Truck Parts brands, is excited to be involved in the initiative.

“The Cummins TEC initiative helps bring exciting new talent into our great industry and gives young people opportunities they may not previously had access to,” he said.

“This program is one of the many ways we can help make the transport field a real destination industry and encourage talented young people to consider a field that may not have been on their radar.”

According to Disher, Cummins has a proud history serving the communities in which it is a part of.

“The TEC program is an opportunity for industry to work together to combat our shortages of skilled tradespeople in a proactive way while also working in those communities that need jobs the most,” she said.

“It is with companies like Daimler Truck and Bus as partners that we hope to see great job outcomes and results for the students in the project.”
The TEC program works with high schools, which often have access to automotive programs, but not quality programs dedicated to heavy vehicles.

Not limited to technician roles, TEC provides pathways that also lead to administration, spare parts interpreting, warehousing and others.

Five schools currently participate actively in the TEC program from Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.

The TEC program provides students with grounding in safety, a wide range of technical skills and training on employer expectations, workplace behaviour and work readiness.

Daimler regards the program as an advanced Certificate II.

The involvement of TEC partners, who have the resources to donate components such as engines for training, is anticipated to offer further opportunities for students who might benefit from work experience, industry tours, guidance, mentoring and sought-after apprenticeships.

In Australia, the Cummins TEC initiative involves participating brands such as Cummins, Daimler Truck and Bus, AHG, Komatsu, Penske Power, PACCAR Dealer Network, Westrans, CJD Equipment, Bayford, Brierty, FDWA and Lindsay Transport.

(Image: Daniel Whitehead, Steph Disher).

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