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Daimler unveils plans for new research facility

An automated truck research and development facility will be created by Daimler Trucks North America.

The proposed building, which will explore autonomous driving technology, truck platooning and pairing, is planned for its headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Engineers for the Automated Truck R&D Center will draw on resources from Daimler Trucks locations in Stuttgart, Germany and Bangalore, India, as it focuses on establishing a global network of intelligence around automated driving.

Daimler Trucks announced its plans for the research centre at this week’s Daimler Trucks Capital Market and Technology Day, where it signaled its plans to leverage knowledge from previous research across Daimler vehicle divisions.

It is expected that the locations will triangulate results produced from its activities, which will include testing and development of software, sensors, machine learning, simulation and the adaptation of the base vehicle platform.

Customers, suppliers and business partners will be encouraged to provide input, ensuring the technology will work in real-life applications as it explores the technological potential to create advantages for the global logistics industry.

The new facility marks plans by the company to invest more than $3.85 billion in associated activities with research and development through 2018 and 2019.

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