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Draft Safety Policy aligns with NHVR’s expanding operational role

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has released a draft Safety Policy to align with its expanding operational role in heavy vehicle safety.

NHVR Productivity and Safety Executive Director, Geoff Casey, said the Safety Policy was open for comment.

“We have outlined our vision for heavy vehicle safety as part of our Setting the Agenda 2016-2020 strategic document, and this policy is another important step toward realising this vision,” said Casey.

“The Safety Policy reinforces the NHVR’s commitment to safety and outlines the guiding principles we apply in developing and administering our regulatory framework.

“These principles include continuously improving safety outcomes, focusing on risk and evidence based activities, a commitment to engagement and encouraging innovative safety management practices including the use of technology.

“This policy is intended to promote an environment of continuous improvement that embraces safety, including the evaluation of our activities and initiatives to ensure that they are delivering the intended safety outcomes.”

The Safety Policy will be available on the NHVR website for comment until November 5.

In other news, the Queensland Government, NHVR and Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) have collaborated to develop a notice for Performance-Based Standards (PBS) A-doubles between Toowoomba and the Port of Brisbane.

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