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E-Mobility Ecosystem consulting business launched overseas by Daimler

A holistic ecosystem, offering a range of consulting services, has been launched by Daimler's E-Mobility Group in North America, Europe and Japan the company has announced.

It will offer consultation including digital applications to its fleet customers as they look for the best possible entry into electric transport logistics.

“As pioneers of e-mobility, our battery-electric trucks are already undergoing extensive practical trials around the world. Thanks to the close exchange with our customers, we understood early on the need to think far beyond the e-vehicle,” said Gesa Reimelt, Daimler Trucks & Buses E-Mobility Group Head.

“That is why we offer an ecosystem tailored to the use case and needs of customers, including consulting and charging infrastructure solutions. This is how we want to provide our customers with the ideal entry into e-mobility.”

Daimler Trucks will offer a free smartphone application with the "eTruck Ready" app starting next year to which customers can assess the operating profiles and routes best suited for an electric truck.

The app records the driving routes of a conventional vehicle through the capture of speed, acceleration and altitude profile along the route.

Parameters such as payload and the outside temperature can be added afterwards by fleet managers in an individual web portal.

The program, using the available data, generates the respective range and expected power consumption of a suitable electric truck from the Daimler portfolio.

Daimler has reported that this creates a realistic usage profile for customers.

The data calculated by the app form the basis for the customer consulting conducted by the expert team of the E-Mobility Group.

As part of the tailored consulting services provided, Daimler's Ecosystem E-Mobility can indicate route optimisations for electric trucks and suitable charging infrastructure.

Since 2017, Daimler has operated small-series produced electric trucks in fleets around the world as part of its push for e-mobility.

These include the company’s Fuso eCanter and Freightliner eM2 medium-duty trucks as well as the heavy-duty Freightliner eCascadia and eActros trucks which more recently have undergone intensive real-world usage as a short-radius distribution truck, in Europe, Mercedes-Benz has reported.

For the trials, Mercedes-Benz handed over ten eActros electric trucks to customers for evaluation in their daily operations under different sectors and categories.

The results, in addition to showing continuously available torque across the entire speed range, quiet operation and driving experience, confirmed that heavy-duty short-range distribution is already possible with the technology.

With a range of up to 200 kilometres, the current testing bore this out.

Performance levels, according to driver feedback, were not diminished by having the cargo climate systems and cabin air-conditioning tied to the battery in peak summer and winter temperatures.

Two electric motors near the wheel hubs of the rear axle provide the drive, each delivering an output of 169 hp and 358 lb of torque.

The Lithium-ion batteries feature a 240-kWh capacity and can be charged completely within as little as two hours.

Series production on the eActros is scheduled to begin in 2021.

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