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Energy Logistix scores major account with oil fields giant

South Australian transport company, Energy Logistix, has landed a national deal with Schlumberger Australia.

The Australian branch of global oil and gas industries technology solutions and services provider, Schlumberger Australia specialises in reservoir characterisation, drilling, production and processing.

Based in Largs North, Energy Logistix will, under the arrangement, invest a reported $2 million on equipment and staff having commenced initial operations for the contract in September.

The family owned company was established in February 2010 by Jo Williamson, the mother of Managing Director Shaun Williamson.

According to Williamson, 29, the company model works on preferencing local staff hire with a commitment to using Australian made equipment.

Its fleet of prime movers is represented by a range of Kenworth trucks.

"We're about keeping the money, where possible, in the state and the country," said Williamson.

"In the remote areas we run reliability is crucial," he said.

"The Kenworths are made in Melbourne obviously and these trucks have lasted through the rough terrain and trying conditions we put them through."

That often involves east to west linehaul to Perth and regular assignments into the upper reaches of the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Energy Logistix first started out as a project management company specialising in risk mitigation in transport logistics for tier one clients in the oil and gas industry.

Since 2012 the company has diversified into mining, renewables and project driven industries.

The company, which is now growing year-on-year at around 30 per cent, started out servicing urgent requests.

In the event of an emergency Energy Logistix would get the call.

Because of this it earned them the nickname of the 'guys in the black suits' explained Williamson.

"When a mine during downtime needed urgent tools or equipment to be hotshotted to the middle of Australia somewhere we'd get that call," he said.

"We were able to leverage those calls and prove their worth to these companies. From there we built up the service offering for every other service they requires in transport logistics."

"Purchase assets are best situated to promote the risk mitigation and to ensure the freight is handled always in a best practice that is safe and timely for customers."

The business is driven on service, reliability and 24/7 operations to support clients that also run 24/7.

Energy Logistix employs 50 staff with sub-contractors who run the linehaul operation into mainly remote areas. They service Australia-wide.  

"We have built our foundations on risk mitigation for the blue chip accounts," said Williamson.

"We don't subcontract to any other transport companies. We compete against the multinationals and that's our point of difference," he said.

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