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EVs alone won’t decarbonise transport sector: BP Chief

A low carbon future cannot be achieved alone through electric vehicles (EVs) according to Bob Dudley, BP Chief Executive.

Speaking this week at the Paris Motor Show, Dudley said while offering exciting opportunities EVs should not be held accountable as the sole solution to decarbonising the transport industry.

“We’ve got a lot of people across the company who are excited about and working on the possibilities that EVs present,” he said.

“We see electrification as an opportunity, not as a threat.”

According to Dudley, the industry should avoid putting too many of its eggs in one basket.

He cited BP’s Energy Outlook, which suggests that by 2038 the majority of vehicles on the road were unlikely to operate without use of a conventional engine.

Dudley warned against racing to a single-mobility solution. A range of solutions would play a role if there were to be more affordable, convenient and safer transport options.

Advanced fuels and lubricants would continue to play a role while he encouraged continued support for sustainable and low carbon biofuels.

BP intends to change alongside consumer preferences as it build upon its experience working with commercial partners to offer products and services people want the company said in a statement.

“We plan to be the first choice fuel provider for decades to come regardless of the motor or engine inside the cars our customers are driving,” said Dudley.

BP recently announced several investments in electric vehicles including $20 million for ultra-fast charging battery start-up company StoreDot as it works on reducing EV charging times to five minutes. A further $5 million has been invested in smart battery system company FreeWire and the purchase of Chargemaster, the UK’s largest public network of EV charging points.

“Every day seems to go faster than the one before and our industry is right at the centre of this new industrial revolution,” said Dudley.

“I can’t think of a more exciting time ever than right now to be in BP.”

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