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Flexible mass monitoring with on-board mass systems

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has advised that type-approved on-board mass (OBM) systems will soon be available through the National Telematics Framework.

Often referred to as electronic weigh scales, OBM systems are widely used to manage vehicle loading, to demonstrate conformance that mass limits are being met for other parties along the supply chain, to enable higher productivity access to the road network, and to manage loading practices to improve road safety.

“The inclusion of OBM systems within the National Telematics Framework digital platform ensures the collection of mass information is not a ‘one trick pony’ and can be used seamlessly across different industries, policy areas and regulators,” said TCA CEO, Chris Koniditsiotis.

TCA type-approval includes an assessment of accuracy and integrity of OBM systems as
well as an assessment of the business standing of OBM system suppliers – a key indicator of OBM system suppliers’ ability to deliver the level of business continuity and support expected by stakeholders.

In addition to meeting these core obligations, OBM Systems may offer varying functions and capabilities to meet different stakeholder needs, expectations and future policy requirements.

One of the most prominent differentiators between OBM Systems is the way mass information is presented and recorded – from the provision of electronic displays, through to mass information collection, and interconnectivity with telematics devices.

System type-approval cater for these functional capabilities, as summarised below:

• Category A: OBM Systems in this category electronically display mass information to drivers and/or loaders.
• Category B: OBM Systems in this category also collect and transmit mass information.
• Category C: OBM Systems in this category collect and transmit mass information in a standardised way to telematics devices (in accordance with TCA's Interconnectivity Specification) permitting the ability to ‘plug and play’.

Being part of the National Telematics Framework provides the scalability and interconnectivity to suit stakeholder needs, according to TCA. This fusing of data collected from different devices and systems, in a standardised way through the National Telematics Framework, opens the door for new opportunities for industry and government to do business.

(Image: Transport Certification Australia CEO, Chris Koniditsiotis.)

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