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Freightliner ramps up Movember awareness at Supercars

Original equipment manufacturer, Freightliner Trucks, will use the final round of the Supercar championship in Newcastle to raise awareness for Movember.

As part of the campaign to highlight men’s health, the number 14 Freightliner Racing Commodore driven by Tim Slade will feature a moustache.

The Freightliner Coronado responsible for towing the team’s transporter to Newcastle will also sport a moustache.

Kim Jones, Brad Jones Racing Team Owner said his team was eager to support the cause.

“When people see the mo’, it should serve as a reminder to take time out for their health, whether it be getting a health check or encouraging talks around mental health,” he said.

“There are a wide range of resources available and people who are willing to help, so don’t be afraid to ask or reach out if you need to.”

According to Stephen Downes, Freightliner Trucks Australia Pacific Director, it will be a site to behold the Freightliner Racing Commodore with its stickered moustache roaring around the Newcastle track.

“Let’s be honest, it looks a whole lot better than most of the moustaches we have grown here at Freightliner this month, mine included,” he said.

“Hopefully, the moustache on the front of Tim’s car will help raise awareness of this important cause that Freightliner is fully behind.” 

A division of Daimler Truck and Bus, Freightliner recognises mental health remains a vital issue within the Australian commercial transport industry.

“We all know that men’s mental health is a serious issue in all aspects of society, but it is very significant for the trucking industry and especially drivers,” said Downes.

“Being away from loved ones for long periods of time is probably the most notable challenge, but there are also the long hours, the social isolation, fatigue and challenges relating to diet and fitness,” he said.

The Movember movement encourages men to grow a moustache during the month of November and raise funds from supporters.

Women and men who are not keen on growing lip bristle are encouraged to get involved in a fitness challenge during the month.

The Movember Foundation has one goal: to stop men dying too young.

As the only global charity tackling men’s health issues year-round, the foundation supports the following causes: mental health and suicide prevention as well as the prevention of prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Since 2003, the support of more than five million men and women has funded over 1200 innovative projects across more than 20 countries.

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