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Fuso Canter clears Tasmania’s West Coast Wilderness Railway

A new Fuso Canter 4x4 sourced through CJD Equipment has been chosen to work on Tasmania’s West Coast Wilderness Railway.

The 4x4 can run on both rail and road and provides general maintenance and clear the track of fallen branches and debris, which can stop trains.

Its low-range transfer cage can navigate the steep terrain and the 40 bridges on the railway line via dirt tracks or the train tracks themselves.

This truck was converted by Aries Rail, but others are used in different regions as a road/rail vehicle given its versatility.

Fitted with a crane and with various chainsaws, the crew of five can clear many of the trees that come down across the line

West Coast Wilderness Railway Manager Rail Operations Adrian Horton said the organization made do with a couple of hand-me-down trucks from the 1980s, but they were due for replacement.

It’s a harsh environment down here that is tough on trucks and they weren’t going to last much longer, so we decided to invest in new trucks,” Mr Horton said.

“We chose the 4x4 because we have one track access road that is a real goat track, it’s very steep,” he said.

“If you have no 4x4 you might get down, but there is no way you will be getting back up again.”

The West Coast Wilderness Railway was first built in the 1890s to move copper to the port, though it closed in 1963. It has since been rebuilt and opened in 2003 as a tourist attraction.

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