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Fuso doubles down on safety

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Fuso, has introduced Advanced Emergency Braking into the safety package across its Canter range.

Chance, at least according to Louis Pasteur, favours only the prepared mind. When applied to commercial vehicles, accident preparedness comes, by way of investment, perhaps in having the best safety innovations at hand.

For operators of light trucks, the highest selling market segment in Australia, having a robust vehicle for the work site might be only half the challenge.

Transit to and from the site in metropolitan environments where peak hour traffic can sometimes last all day adds to the many responsibilities of driving responsibly and anticipating the less responsible on the road. While governments create portfolios to deal with surging congestion and infrastructure attempts to catch up with population growth, negotiating the ebb and flow of urban environments needs to be made easier not harder.

Fuso, for its part, inaugurated last month its robust Canter range with Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB), a function previously available on a select range of best-selling utes in the local market. A collision aversion system relying on radar monitoring, AEB, what’s more, has been introduced as standard equipment across the Canter 4x2 range.

As part of the safety upgrade AEB, Lane Departure Warning and Electronic Stability Control will be standard on all Canter models, except for the off-road FG 4x4. Canter standard safety features also include dual airbags and a reversing camera. Most cabs are ECE-R29 certified.

Just as the Lane Departure Warning system mitigates the risk of accidents by using a camera behind the windscreen which can detect lane markings and trigger an alert if the truck crosses them without the indicator engaged, AEB depends upon radar detection to counter imminent collision, with the system initially sounding a warning before initiating 50 per cent braking force if there is no input from the driver.

According to Fuso, it will then initiate 100 per cent braking force, should it be required. A driver override of the system can be implemented through depression of the accelerator.

The Fuso system can even initiate a warning and partial braking when it detects moving pedestrians.

According to Fuso Truck and Bus Director, Justin Whitford, AEB technology, which can detect pedestrians and other vehicles, was an important addition for small trucks as most operate in busy urban environments.

“We didn’t want to make this an option that costs extra, we wanted as many people to benefit from this technology as possible,” he said.

The upgraded Canter was part of a recent showcase at last month’s 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

Fuso will also offer AEB, among other safety features, with a new-generation heavy duty model that is due to be introduced later this year.

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