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Traditional transport strategies under threat

The traditional modes of transport are under threat of becoming obsolete if they don’t open up to innovative technologies, according to Ferrier Hodgson’s Brendan Richards. 

In his column for Prime Mover, the Melbourne-based truck industry expert gave readers an exclusive sneak peek at a report* to be published later this year that will outline just how dramatically the transport industry will change until 2050.

“In 2050, Australia’s population will have nearly doubled, aged considerably, and still be largely urban based,” he said. “The resultant strains on infrastructure and its funding will force state and federal governments to embrace the benefits offered by advances in technology.

“The transport industry, meanwhile, will be forced to change to not only meet the standards of safety and environmental friendliness demanded by government, but also to meet the demands of consumers who will have become accustomed to instant gratification.”

The traditional modes of transport – road, rail, air and sea – will not offer the solutions required, Richards said, given that they are “neither environmentally friendly to large urban populations nor terribly practical” due to their massive reliance on infrastructure investment.

“Instead, these traditional modes of transport will start to become supplanted by new modes – some of which are in early development now.

"Transport in 2050 is a multimodal industry with the entire supply chain open to analysis and scrutiny, communicating within and without itself, and increasingly designed around same or next day delivery."

To find out which new modes will challenge road transport, grab a copy of the current edition of Prime Mover.

*Transport 2050: Look out! Here comes the future will be previewed by Prime Mover and made available in conjunction with Ferrier Hodgson.

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