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Giving Red Bull Racing its ‘wings’

Telematics is one of the most important investments a company can make. A fully implemented system can help businesses better understand their operations, communicate with drivers and satisfy customer needs.

It’s a fact not lost on Triple Eight Race Engineering, the outfit charged with the monumental task of transporting Red Bull Racing’s cars, equipment and crew to race circuits around the country.

While Triple Eight’s prime movers may not be the stars of the show, these beasts of burden are essential for enabling equipment and crew to be race-ready and set to go.

Which is why the team partnered with Teletrac Navman as a sponsor and sole provider of GPS fleet tracking for each of its prime movers.

“It was the natural solution for us,” said Triple Eight Racing’s Commercial Manager, Tom Wilson. “Moving across the country we need to know exactly where our drivers and their trucks are.”

From the Adelaide 500 to the Perth SuperSprint, supercar racing takes the team around the country throughout the year-long season. But getting everything to the event on time is not as simple as following dots on a map.

Vehicle tracking on the prime movers means even across remote areas like the Nullarbor Plain and northern Western Australia Triple Eight always knows the status of its vehicles. In addition, it enables the company to determine the most efficient route, which not only saves time, but cuts down on fuel consumption.

“This season’s main concerns are how we’ll fair against competitors and how the next-generation Holden Commodore will perform on the track,” Wilson said. “So, an unexplained toll fee or worse case scenario, a stolen vehicle, are the last things anyone wants added to the list.”

GPS fleet tracking means data from the trucks is collected and sent to management instantly. This makes it easy to get insights on long distance trips and compile them into an easy-to-understand report.

It also enables the truck operators to better adhere to driving regulations as management can forecast how long a journey will take and allow drivers to take the necessary precautions to reduce fatigue.

To ensure a clear focus and steady road to victory, Triple Eight understands that technology is a must. Moving away from the traditional supercars will test the team as they aim to change perceptions and show what the new cars are capable of.

With the help of fleet tracking technology, the transition from road to racetrack is a considerably easier task.

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