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Glen Cameron Group grows fleet

The Glen Cameron Group has grown its fleet with the addition of 35 Volvo prime movers, citing uptime and aftersales as crucial criteria.

In the last year, the Glen Cameron Group took delivery of 14 FM450s, four FM540s for B-double work, and six rigid FE Euro 6 flat tops.

Asset Manager, Shane Coates, said aftersales support offered by Volvo was the reason for the purchase.

“Buying the trucks is the easy part it’s what happens afterwards that counts,” said Coates.

"Managing uptime is 100 per cent critical for both us and our clients. It’s important to manage cents-per-kilometre and total life costs, as any value we might make on the purchase price in a bulk purchase can disappear pretty quickly if a truck is sitting off the road waiting for a spare parts.”

Volvo Trucks flew its engineers down to Victoria to better understand the Cameron Group's requirements.

“The engineers observed the task and challenge provided to them by our client and came up with a solution,” said Coates.

“Having a manufacturing facility in Brisbane enabled Volvo to offer a local purpose-built low-profile truck that would suit the application. Fortunately the trucks also came with a range of safety features that our customer had mandated.

“They listened to what we had to say, we made our expectations crystal clear so they could understand our business and the importance of keeping our trucks on the road and to their credit they stood front and centre and they’ve been solid in their support,” said Coates.

Since the initial purchase, Coates has ordered a further ten Volvos.

“Volvo have demonstrated to us that they can provide the right trucks for the job and most importantly, that they can deliver the support we need to keep those trucks working," said Coates.

Mitch Peden, Vice President of Volvo Trucks Australia, said that the relationship with the Glen Cameron Group is more than just a transaction.

“We are very proud to be working with Glen Cameron and his business, and consider them a business partner more than a customer,” said Peden.

“We understand the commitment Camerons have made to their customers such as CHEP, and we take pride in delivering on our promises so they can deliver on theirs.”

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