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GME expands portfolio of UHF radios

A new feature available for the XRSTM Connect range of UHF CB Radios, offered by GME, allows operators of commercial vehicles to automatically mute or lower the volume on the radio when receiving incoming calls on their mobile phone. It’s one of several recent advancements in the XRS range.

Seizing on emerging technologies is now the rule rather than the exception for forward thinking freight companies implicated in the supply chain.

Communications are often considered the connective tissue between an entire organisation linking its drivers to remote depots, service centres and head office.

As emerging technologies are changing how goods are getting transported, modifications and noticeable improvements to existing technologies are providing advantages in both safety and efficiency, which ultimately, contributes to productivity and the bottom line.

Transport communications specialist, GME, offers a portfolio of UHF radio solutions for road transport fleets in Australia.

Through its XRSTM Location Services App it can detect incoming phone calls and automatically mute the XRSTM radio for the duration of the call.

This ensures uninterrupted phone conversations for drivers ensuring they are always within reach during hectic delivery assignments on seasonal demand or on urgent linehaul commitments, in which real-time updates and checkpoints are essential.

Given the role smart phone and online technologies have had in transforming the industry, the agility to keep abreast of the increasing demands of supply chain commitments has in turn accelerated user-friendly communications options.

The XRSTM Connect range of UHF CB Radios, in which the XRSTM Connect Active Mute facilitates the muting of the radio when receiving a call to a mobile phone, is one of them.

Active Mute uses smart phone and Bluetooth technology to either mute or lower the XRSTM radio volume automatically when the user makes or receives a phone call.

This allows the user to focus on their conversation rather than manually adjusting the volume on the XRSTM radio, ensuring more of the driver’s time is focused on the job and, more critically, the road.

The Active Mute feature can be programmed via the XRSTM microphone or through the XRSTM Connect App.

Custom programmable features, according to GME, will allow the drivers to select exactly how they want the Active Mute feature to work.

Drivers, worried about missing a call, can rest at ease when using it in conjunction with the XRSTM Connect Voice Playback feature – even when the XRSTM radio is on mute.

It’s one of several recent products offered by GME in its expanding XRS range.

To keep pace with the greater sophistication and respect for technology across the trucking industry, GME has also introduced an XRS Connect Truck Pack.

Also enabled by Bluetooth technology, the XRS Connect range is designed to be smart and adaptable for the most rugged environments.

As part of a new generation of connected UHF radios it boasts features exclusive to GME and includes the XRS Connect smartphone app and the XRS Connect Location Services smartphone app.

It comes with a Speaker Microphone with an anti-glare OLED display and 2-watt front-facing speaker.

According to GME, the XRS Connect Truck Pack pairs the popular XRS-330C Super Compact UHF CB Radio, with the AE4017K1 elevated-feed antenna, a timely communication solution that will likely appeal to all in the light, medium and heavy duty truck market.

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