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Goodyear Asia Pacific boss discusses megatrends in Brisbane

Keeping abreast of megatrends in the commercial transport industry was informing the latest product solutions from tyre manufacturing company, Goodyear, according to Michael Dreyer, Goodyear Vice President Asia Pacific Goodyear Commercial Tyres.

Speaking at a breakfast to commence the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show yesterday, Dreyer discussed FACE – fleet, autonomous, connected and electric – and key learnings made manifest in the fast moving marketplace of the Asia Pacific region.

He is currently based in Shanghai.

In the global market, Dreyer said the biggest megatrend at present remained the ability to connect a load that needs to be hauled with somebody who hauls it.

“Most face to face transactions between businesses are now done online through an app on a mobile phone on something like we chat,” he said.

In the US companies such as Uber and its service Uberfreight were uniquely positioned in which to capitalise on widespread practices such as these being adopted by logistics and transport companies across Asia Pacific.

“It’s an enormous shift again as to how freight is going from point A to point B and connecting those points on an ecommerce platform is now enormous in China,” said Dreyer.

Fleets, increasingly, would look to effectively leverage increasing assets autonomously as it would be more efficient than by using traditional drivers.

“It’s bad news for drivers but it’s good news for air quality and the environment and certainly if you’re a shareholder in a logistics company it’s good news for you,” said Dreyer.

For Goodyear, autonomous systems with their higher productivity around the clock, were going to increase the wear on tyres. More tyres likely, according to Dreyer, would mean more tyre sales.

“But it also creates a problem because we need to make sure we also have solutions that can predict maintenance requirements, measure and ensure the care and service of the tyres are done well and that leaves us to the connected part of the FACE where the tyres become the sensor for tyre maintenance,” he said.

Real time measurements of temperature, pressure and revolutions communicated in real time direct to Goodyear and also to operators would become an indispensable service in which Goodyear customers can assess the quality of how their tyres are maintained and, at the same time, provide them with real transparency between Goodyear and the effectiveness of its competitors.

In Shanghai, 78 per cent of the 16,000 buses on the roads are currently electric running on high torque engines with far lower emissions than the diesel counterparts.

Goodyear was uniquely positioned in a market where the tyres were under increasing duress to provide solutions fit for the changing conditions.

These currently included, according to Dreyer, its Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Service and its ground mounted sensor Drive-Over-Reader for measuring tread depth and pressure.

A virtual reality experience the company featured at the Brisbane Truck Show demonstrated these solutions in action.

Dreyer said Goodyear wanted to position itself on the curve and not, like some companies unprepared for change, citing Motorola and Blockbuster Video, that were disconnected from future realities having failed to adapt with consumer trends determined in part by new technologies.

“Goodyear is trying to design products that deal with the coming trends and proactive services for TPMS real time and temperature in real time,” he said.

“We want to be connected to be able to provide those solutions.”

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