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H2flow grows fleet with Fuso trucks

A Southeast Queensland water service specialist has added additional light commercial vehicles to its growing fleet of Fuso trucks.

H2flow Hire operates a rental fleet of water-spraying trucks, water tankers, tippers and vacuum trucks covering Brisbane, the Gold Coast and outlying areas with 74 vehicles, the majority being Canters with a few Fighter and Heavy models added to the mix.

The fleet was first incorporated into the company’s water services operation in 2015.

According to major partner Scott Beioley, the Fuso trucks they were replacing from 1994 were still going strong despite gruelling work in often extremely hot conditions.

“We had a look around at a couple of other trucks, but we find the Fusos to be very well designed and they work exceptionally well in these applications,” he said.

H2flow Hire offers a range of water-related services, including dust suppression and water delivery using Fighter and Heavy models, which compliment its growing ‘dry hire’ rental truck business.

The dry hire trucks include units that use vacuum systems to suck up material, such as the debris created from excavations and tunnelling.

It’s an effective way to clean up.

Canter models are converted into specialist 2000 litre water trucks by H2 Flow Hire to meet popular demand from the civil construction sector. Engineered for simplicity, they have proven durable for the company.

H2flow Hire also focuses on ease of operation. Handbrake reminders are installed to help some of its customers whose familiarity with driving trucks or using the spray equipment is still in the early stages.

Making its fleet better able to cater for inexperienced drivers is one of the reasons H2 Flow Hire has started selecting quick-shifting Duonic automated transmissions.

According to Beioley the fully automated transmissions also takes away the potential for manual clutch damage.

“We were a bit apprehensive about the automated option, but they are very well designed and work exceptionally well,” said Beioley.

“Duonics certainly represent the way forward for us.”

(Image: H2 Flow Hire partners Scott Beioley, Paul Ryan and Mark Broekman).

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