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Hanson lands mass order of ACCO agitators

Construction material company, Hanson, has taken delivery of 82 ACCO 8x4 agitators for use on sites across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

As part of its fleet rejuvenation program, Hanson is replacing older model ACCOs along with several other brands.

Each truck is equipped with a 340 horsepower engine and has been fitted with a 7.5 cubic metre bowl from Mixers Australia and ATT IVECO Australia confirmed in a statement.

Other features include automatic transmission, front airbag suspension, rear rubber block suspension and Electronic Stability Control.

Neil McDermott, Hanson National Procurement Manager said the ACCO range was selected in light of its performance benefits and industry reputation.

“In terms of tare weight, what the ACCO offers is very attractive,” he said.

“The lower the tare weight, the better it is from a fleet efficiency and business perspective.”

Trimble tracking and dispatch software are included on the vehicles which is essential to managing the time-sensitive nature of concrete delivery as it provides dispatchers on location with automatic status updates of the vehicles in real-time.

Electronic Stability Control, according to McDermott, remained a key safety feature for heavy vehicles to ensure drivers met the challenges of the concrete industry.

“It’s a high centre of gravity application and couple this with the fact that the mixing bowl is rotating – if not driven correctly, concrete trucks can be prone to instability,” he said.

“A safety feature such as ESC isn’t a substitute for careful driving but it’s an important piece of technology that reduces the likelihood of a rollover.”

The first eight years of the working life of the ACCO commercial vehicles will be dedicated to metropolitan environments.

McDermott said Hanson is pleased as a company to be supporting Australian manufacturing and boosting local employment through the purchase.
“Hanson had been keen to use ACCOs again and to build on our earlier relationship,” he said.

“With the front airbag suspension they’re a comfortable truck, are easy to get in and out of, and the cab over configuration provides excellent visibility and manoeuvrability on the work site.”

The remaining trucks not yet delivered on the purchase order are expected to join the new ACCO trucks currently in operation for Hanson in early 2019.

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