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Heart of Australia welcomes Canberra support

Heart of Australia Founder, Dr Rolf Gomes, has said a recent $1 million Government grant will boost confidence to add more specialist medical services to rural communities via truck.

Brisbane-based cardiologist, Dr Rolf Gomes – who launched his Heart of Australia project in Toowoomba in October 2014 – has said the million-dollar grant has given him “more confidence to push ahead towards service expansion which, in turn, means increasing at-home access for country Australians to critical specialist medicine”.

“In today’s modern society it’s a sad truth that Australians living in rural communities are 44 per cent more likely to die of heart disease - mostly because of the problem of actually getting to see specialists locally,” said Dr Gomes.

“The inequity in medical access for rural patients is exactly what our Heart of Australia program is targeting and this new gesture of recognition from the Federal Government means that our team can have confidence to consider expanding both our geographical
reach across the bush and adding extra services for the people out there.

“On the road so far, we have seen more than 3,300 patients in 850 town visits; we have saved more than 120 Queenslanders suffering previously-undiagnosed critical cardiac conditions, and we have referred at least 30 patients for open heart surgery.”

Dr Gomes said he hoped to “soon unveil good news for the bush” following the Federal Government’s announcement.

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