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Heavy vehicle registrations approach 10,000 for first quarter

In what is often a key indicator for heavy vehicle registrations for the rest of the year, the first quarter of 2019 has confirmed an unprecedented number of registrations in the heavy vehicle market according to data compiled by the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association. 

Close to 10,000 new heavy vehicle units were registered in the March quarter, a figure never achieved for the same period in the six years ARTSA began compiling quarterly data six years ago.

Special purpose vehicles have been steady compared to a year ago.

While historical data was considered instructive ARTSA said it was not strong enough to make future predictions.

For doing that it relied on 'never registered' VIN data.

When building new heavy vehicle equipment, manufacturers must either submit their own VIN’s or seek a VIN from one of the road agencies.

These “never registered” VIN’s are then matched with the vehicle on the day of registration.

By plotting the total numbers in the “never registered” file on a quarterly basis ARTSA said it tracked the rise and fall in what can be considered forward orders.

This index has shown an 80 per cent increase in forward orders for heavy trucks in just over two years.

An increase of just over 100 per cent has occurred for heavy trailers over the same time frame.

ARTSA confirmed the historic data and the forward looking index for new heavy vehicle registrations is positive.

"Only time will tell as to what is actually achieved, and we have a Federal election in May which may influence future business sentiment," ARTSA said.

"For now, our prediction is another good year for new heavy vehicle registrations."

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