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Hino ramps up active safety with stability control on 500 Series

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Hino Australia, today announced Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) will be fitted as standard equipment on its 500 Series Standard Cab.

Launched in November, the Hino 500 Series is being touted by the company as the most comprehensive active safety package offered by a Japanese manufacturer in the medium duty market.

Made standard across its entire 300 Series range in 2011, VSC has already been extended to the 500 Series Wide Cab and 300 Series 4x4 launched earlier this year.

Hino confirmed in a statement that it will now offer VSC as standard safety equipment on every model from its 300 Series car licence and 500 Series 6x4 350 horsepower FM models.

VSC monitors wheel rotation speed, steering angle, yaw rate, lateral G forces and braking. By working in conjunction with ABS and ASR systems, it assists in the prevention of the truck losing control on slippery surfaces and emergency situations through autonomous reductions in engine power and activating brakes on individual wheels.

Daniel Petrovski, Hino Australia Product Strategy Manager said the street smart new standard cab models will offer safety features never before seen in Australia from a Japanese manufacturer.

“The effectiveness and safety benefits of Vehicle Stability Control made the decision to fit VSC to the new 500 Series Standard Cab a very simple decision,” he said.

Available from late November, models FC, FD and FE of the 500 Series Standard Cabs will include features now synonymous with the 500 Series Wide Cab such as UN ECE R29-rated cab strength, a driver SRS airbag, ADR84/00 Front Underrun Protection (FUP) and Easy Start.

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