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Hino unveils online recall tool for fleet owners

A new online search tool has been launched by Hino Australia to enable fleet owners to identify if their truck is the subject of a recall.

Available on the Hino website and also in the Hino fleet portal, it allows owners to verify if there are any recalls for their vehicle by inputting their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Should their truck be affected, customers, according to the commercial vehicle manufacturer, will be guided through the next steps to resolve it.

“Hino takes safety seriously, which is why we have launched this new easily-used recall search tool,” said Greg Bleasel, General Manager, Product Support Hino Australia.

“As a brand we never want to see any quality issues with our product, but the reality is that occasionally there are, so our commitment to our customers is to ensure these are addressed quickly, efficiently and with minimal impact to their business,” he said.

“The new online search tool is part of our constant efforts to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and safety.”

The online recall tool has been introduced as an additional proactive measure for informing customers about recalls.

Hino currently writes to affected owners and advertises in major metropolitan and rural newspapers as part of the Truck Industry Council (TIC) Code of Practice guidelines for safety recalls.

“The recall search tool is a key feature in our fleet portal, which we believe is the benchmark online fleet customer support tool among Japanese truck manufacturers as it has the functionality for multiple Vehicle Information Numbers, or VINs, to be uploaded,” said Bleasel.

“We have invested heavily in the fleet portal, developing it from customer feedback on what they want out of this type of platform and we anticipate it will grow to meet the needs of our customers.”

A full information hub, the recall search tool uniquely contains advisory videos demonstrating genuine vs non-genuine parts comparison tests, as well as a number of customer training tools.

Among those are Product Information Bulletins that contain updates on models or news around support services, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDA) for management of consumable materials in the event of accidents and technical tips on troubleshooting specific scenarios around repairs and maintenance.

The Hino fleet portal also enables customers to request a visit either or both from the dealership or a Hino representative, as well as book Fleet Training sessions either on-site or at the Hino training centre located in Sydney.

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