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Industry insiders share thoughts on PAYGO

Industry associations have responded to the National Transport Commission's (NTC) discussion paper on the Pay As You Go (PAYGO) heavy vehicle charging methodology.

Australian Logistics Council (ALC) Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff, recommended that the NTC work closely together with the Commonwealth Government's Heavy Vehicle Road Reform (HVRR) project to eliminate inconsistent outcomes and improve cross agency coordination, and to ensure productivity is a priority outcome in any change to the current system.

"With the logistics industry and the overall Australian economy absolutely reliant on an efficient road network, this reform needs to be undertaken with due care and consultation with industry," said Kilgariff.

Meanwhile, Truck Industry Council (TIC) President, Phil Taylor, suggested that governments add a safety and environmental levy to any rework of the PAYGO system to assist in the uptake of newer heavy vehicles that will provide safety and environmental benefits to all road users.

"TIC has long held the belief that new vehicles should be rewarded with favourable road user charges that acknowledge the safety and environmental emission systems that they deploy," said Taylor.

The NTC prepared the discussion paper in response to a request from the Transport and Infrastructure Council for the NTC to investigate and report back to it with options to advance the methodology to better balance heavy vehicle charges and government revenues.

According to Chief Executive of the NTC, Paul Retter, it is planned that the NTC will present its recommendations to Australia’s transport ministers in November this year for their consideration.

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