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Inspect 365 actions supply chain decision makers

SG Fleet, a leading provider of fleet management services, helps businesses running commercial vehicles understand their obligations across inspections, maintenance standards and defect management. 

With Inspect365, a new product developed to keep those who need to know in the loop,  the company has delivered a solution that actions everyone across the chain of responsibility in real-time.

For businesses whose heavy vehicles are not part of the main revenue stream, like councils, department stores, garden suppliers and agricultural companies in which trucks and heavy equipment merely augment other parts of the operation, management, without the proper structure in place, can be vulnerable to failing Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance, and exposed to obligations that go all the way up the line.

SG Fleet, according to its Managing Director Andy Mulcaster, is working closely with customers by recognising how the new laws pertain to them by recognising the gaps in their education.

“With the changes that took place in October the market is a bit wider than many realise and a lot of the people on the fringes of transport may have missed that story,” he says.

After looking at the market SG Fleet took a view that there was a need for a software tool to improve safety practices and mitigate risks for vulnerable fleets and it set about developing it.

That tool became Inspect365.

Working with Michael Crellen, who was at the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator at the time the product was under development, the team at SG Fleet sought direct input as to the type of solutions inspectors would expect from an operation that could confirm it not only had a process in place but that there was some rigour behind it.

The next step was to approach a number of customers with commercial assets, who offered ideas as to what such a product that helped mitigate risks would look like.

It paved the way to develop an end-to-end inspection process regardless of the environment, equipment or application it was used in.

SG Fleet chose to deploy the Safety Culture inspection app and then integrate and manage the data within their own bespoke application, Fleetintelligence. “Whether they talk to us or someone else they need to have a solution,” Andy says.

Under the CoR regulations having an audible process where a record is lodged and kept so it can be accessible later is a requirement.

An operator or workshop manager using Inspect365 is able to log the defect from the moment it is recognised.

Should a driver notice an issue with a vehicle they can immediately pull over and make an entry into the system.

From that moment an electronic record identifies the issue and the workshop manager is then able to access the record from the time it was logged.

It appears as an action for him.

“From that point onwards there’s a documented outcome in terms of the vehicle going to a qualified repairer and the repairer determines what needs to be done and eventually a sign-off from that repairer to confirm the vehicle has been repaired appropriately to the required standard,” Andy says.

“In that way you have closed the loop which is the requirement of the CoR vehicle standards.”

The customer also receives access to the repairer’s invoice through the process.

Effectively, Inspect365 creates a detailed breakdown of what is undertaken on the vehicle based on the problem that was first reported.

“This is all about identifying drivers being asked to take equipment out that might not be safe so everyone understands their part in the process and where it is reported,” he says.

“Inspect365 can formalise and provide a trail of reports so that a driver knows if a vehicle is not safe to take out or alert a workshop manager to a service that is required.”

Inspect365 follows that process all the way through and customers can see it.
“Non-compliances happen all the time,” says Andy.

“As long as you’ve got a process to deal with non-compliance, non-compliance is not necessarily a bad thing. You’re managing it.”

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