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International ProStar tipper bolsters road crew operations

Alex Fraser Group sub-contractor, Peter Ioannidis, hauls asphalt and other road base materials throughout Melbourne with his new International ProStar tipper.

Equipped with a Hercules aluminium body and three-axle dog trailer with electric tarps, the ProStar is Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved running at between 33.5 to 34 tonnes, and makes short work of the weight, according to Ioannidis.

“I love the power of the 550 horsepower Cummins, it gets the job done very easily,” he said. “I previously used a Northern European prime mover and the ProStar just has so much more power available – overall I’m absolutely stoked with the ProStar.”

Ioannidis opted to complement the X15 powerplant with Eaton’s ‘Ultrashift Plus’ automated manual, rather than the 18-speed manual.

The driveline has also been spec’d with ‘ADEPT’ technologies to deliver fuel efficiency gains.

“I was a little unsure at the beginning whether I should go for the Ultrashift rather than the manual, mainly because the 18-speed manual is known to be bullet-proof and has such a great reputation,” said Ioannidis. “But now that I’ve spent some time using the Ultrashift I wouldn’t go back to the manual, the AMT does all the work for me, it makes for a much easier and relaxing driving experience,” he said – adding that he chose the optional pivoting transmission selector with the Ultrashift, which moves the selector away from the left leg and provides easy access to the passenger side of the truck if required.

Other key areas in which the ProStar excels, according to Ioannidis is its visibility and manoeuvrability.

“Going from a cab over to a bonneted truck, some of my work mates were telling me that I wasn’t going to be able to see well out of it: ‘good luck manoeuvring it’, they said. But with the ProStar’s sloping bonnet, the visibility is fantastic which makes getting around work sites and confined streets really easy.

“The other day I was stopped at the front of the traffic lights and noticed that because of the downward angle of the bonnet, I could still see the pedestrians crossing right in front of me – that’s a good safety feature,” he said.

To provide a stronger road presence, Ioannidis had the ProStar’s fuel tanks stainless steel wrapped and fitted ‘Superchrome’ rims. The other main addition is a bonnet-mounted fish eye mirror to provide extra visibility when reversing around confined spaces.

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