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Inland Petroleum explains ‘smart’ BA-triple

Inland Petroleum has introduced a range of modular High Productivity Freight Vehicles to its fleet to avoid empty runs when servicing the nation’s fuel and petroleum industry.

One of the latest ‘smart’ units added to the Dubbo-based fleet is a custom-made BA-triple designed under the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme used to service the iOR Petroleum refinery in Eromanga.

According to company owner, Paul McCallum, the unit can be broken up into a standard 19m B-double and tri-axle trailer on return to Dubbo, from where it supplies mines in the Illawarra/South Coast area.

“[With the use of smart vehicle design] mines on the south coast burn fuel from Eromanga, which claims to be the Australian town furthest from the sea,” Paul told CRTNews – revealing that the 19m B-double brings petrol from Sydney back to Dubbo on the return leg.

“By connecting the extra tri-axle trailer and tri-axle dolly to the B-double, it can then head west or north again at around 103 tonnes GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass, ed.).”

Read the full story in the July edition of Prime Mover, out now.

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