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Isuzu announce new boss in Australia

Leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL), has named Andrew Harbison as Director and CEO. 

Harbison, who assumed the role from 1 March, is the successor to outgoing boss Phil Taylor.

Harbison as he outlined solutions for some anticipated challenges facing original equipment manufacturers in the near future announced changes at board level for the company including the promotion of Paul Evans to Director and Chief of Corporate Services.

Evans currently holds the position of Company Secretary and Business Planning Manager.

“Over the last two decades, Paul has played a key role in helping shape and deliver the country’s most professional truck dealer network,” Harbison said.

“This has been critical to our long-term success and Paul’s rise within our organisation is definitely well-earned,” he said.

The makeup of the IAL board of directors now includes Managing Director Ms Hiroko Yaguchi, Harbison as Director & Chief Operating Officer, Director of Administration & Chief Financial Officer Hiroaki Kudo, Director & Chief of Corporate Services Paul Evans, Director & Isuzu Motors Limited representative Yasuyuki Niijima.

“Covering-off from an internal, human resources perspective, it’s a pleasure to say that IAL is extremely well-placed to continue delivering industry-best road transport solutions to Australian businesses This is what we do, and we’ll continue to do so to a very high standard,” Harbison said.

“Isuzu is known for providing the best mix of product, most appropriate to the needs of Australia road transport operators, and then comprehensively supporting that product and our customers,” he said.

“IAL will continue to deliver on the fundamentals of what made us so strong, and with our partners, Australia’s largest and most professional truck dealer network, we’ll continue meeting the changing needs of our customers.”

Harbison with industry changes in mind identified key areas of development for future Isuzu Trucks success.  

“The next 30 years will present a starkly different operating environment to the last 30 years. As we embrace and respond to the rapid pace of business and technological change, we will leverage our experience and knowledge to develop the transport solutions for the future.”

“There’s certainly no surprises with some of our objectives over the coming years as we work to continue to grow and execute our market leadership strategies, namely, to sell more trucks, more parts, and more industrial engines.”

Although these were recognised as staple business strategies Harbison said Isuzu would continue to implement these well with a renewed hunger.

“As for the increasing impact of new technologies, Isuzu is well positioned here also,” he said.

“A critical factor in the technology approach is data. The more informed we are, the better we can respond to develop the programs and services our customers need. Data drives business. It underpins everything.”

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