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Isuzu announces date for annual National Technical skills competition

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu Australia Limited, has confirmed the date for its National Technical Skills Competition.

Scheduled for 31 July, it will be the 14th time the company has brought together the best Isuzu technicians to test their skills.

For IAL it represents an opportunity to showcase the group within the company with the best knowledge of the product and how it works.

Participants, who will be evaluated over three pressurised practical tests and a written exam on a clock, are competing for a chance to represent Australia at I-1 Grand Prix, the presitigious Isuzu Motors Limited's World Service Technical Competition in Japan.

“It’s a great test of their problem-solving capabilities and their ability to adapt to whatever Isuzu product is brought through the garage door,” said IAL National Training Manager David Smith.

The National Technical Skills Competition will be held at IAL’s training facility in Melbourne, Victoria, where participants will be given complex technical problems to diagnose and remedy while assessed by an expert panel of judges.

Each test, according to Isuzu, is designed to measure knowledge and the technician's ability to perform under pressure.

Testing is changed and redesigned every year to represent the ever changing Australian trucking environment said Smith.

“We want to see our technicians cut through the surface of what they’re being asked to solve and really get into the thick of what is causing the issues they’re solving, rather than simply fixing the superficial," he said.

“That’s what makes this format so difficult. There’s no point in testing what’s obvious or making these tasks easy to complete," said Smith.

“We’re here to uncover the best Isuzu Trucks technician in Australia, and we need to have the tests to match.”

National finalists include Michael Primmer from dealership Winter & Taylor, Richard Dunsmuir and Adil Malinovic from Patterson Cheney in Victoria; Queensland representatives Matthew Radke from Black Truck Sales, Luc Akurangi from Gold Coast Isuzu, and Jason Peterkin from Tony Ireland Isuzu; Western Australia is represented by Magno Atanoc of Motor Motors (Malaga) and Jason Lee of Road Runner Mechanical Services; and finalists from NSW include Alex Lee of Suttons Motor Arncliffe and Brad Hickey Peel Valley Trucks.

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