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Isuzu announces first ever two-pedal 4x4 light truck

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has launched its NPS 75/45-155, a 4x4 light truck, the first of its kind, in the local market.

The custom-engineered AMT NPS has been designed to excel in tough terrain and tight-access situations like those encountered by firefighters, said Simon Humphries, IAL Chief Engineer.

“We developed this truck knowing it will serve fire brigades across the country, and therefore it was of paramount importance that it’s payload was optimised for the task at hand,” he said. “When these brave men and women are heading in to battle blazes, we wanted to ensure they were equipped with ample water to take on the job.”

According to Humphries, the AMT NPS is the only two-pedal 4x4 light truck available on the market today. 

“We invested the time and resources into taking a literal ground-up approach to developing a superior product for all operators looking for a 4x4 light truck that was easier than ever to drive,” he said.

Equipped with Bridgestone L330 225/80R17.5 tyres, the AMT NPS, reportedly offers increased off-road grip and easy manoeuvrability, with the steer axle load rated at 3,100kg. It comes with an automated manual transmission calibrated to further improve its off-road operation.
Cruise control is offered as standard.

The 7,500 gross vehicle mass (GVM) vehicle can be derated to 4,500kg and driven on a car licence according to Humphries. He said at each stage of its development the AMT NPS caters to more operators who are seeking out a no-nonsense 4x4 light truck.

“The company believes the AMT NPS will be of great appeal to operators looking for a truck that will allow multiple drivers, even those less familiar with trucks,” said Humphries.

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