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Isuzu answers the cattle call

Cattle farmer and erstwhile AgForce Cattle President, Anthony ‘Bim’ Struss, recently chose an Isuzu FXD 1000 4x2 (FXD 165-350) as his latest cattle and horse transporter.

“I’ve already got a 20-year-old Isuzu tipper, and that’s still going strong; so I reckon I know a thing or two about equipment reliability,” said Struss.

“However, I’m not a trucking expert, so when I was looking for a new truck I spoke to a lot of people – and the general consensus was Isuzu trucks.”

When the new truck was delivered, Struss ensured that he put it through its paces personally.

“The FXD has been fantastic. It’s great to drive and very comfortable, and the ZF manual transmission shifts smoothly,” he said.

“We have a few areas of sandier country on our bush roads, and the truck handles it with ease.”

So impressed was Struss with his new truck and the customer service at Black Truck Sales in Toowoomba, Queensland, that he approached Isuzu Australia Limited about forming a partnership with AgForce.

“Lots of Queensland farmers already use Isuzu trucks – they’re the truck of choice around here – so I wanted to partner with Isuzu, offering a fleet discount to AgForce members,” said Struss.

“It’s about the people as well as the trucks. The salespeople at Black Truck Sales provided their expertise to ensure that I had the right tool for the job.”

“Isuzu also stood out because the model we purchased doesn’t require AdBlue for emissions control, which is very convenient for farmers. In our case, if we used AdBlue, it would expire before we used it up, plus we’d have to store it on the property.”

“We need to get over some rough country, but we don’t do a lot of kilometres; I’ve filled that truck up only three times in six months.”

Struss believes service is just as important as the end product; he said if he can trust the salesperson who sold the truck, then he can trust the truck as well.

“Tony Collins at Black Trucks Toowoomba was extremely good. I had little knowledge of trucks, but he never pushed the sale, he just gave me the basic information I required, and then left me to make a decision.”

When asked if he had a favourite feature in his new Isuzu, it was clear that Struss prizes the extra, personal touches.

“Tony threw in a free air blower to clean the vehicle interior. It’s minor stuff, but it made me feel appreciated,” he said.

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