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Isuzu Engines exhibits at Irrigation Australia expo

Isuzu’s off-highway Engines department attended the Irrigation Australia Conference and Exhibition held in Sydney last week to showcase an extensive line-up of power solutions.

The Irrigation Australia Conference and Exhibition is an international, biannual event conducted to facilitate advancement and improvement of the entire irrigation industry.

Isuzu said the key theme at the conference was ‘Addressing the Big Issues’ and the gathering was well-attended by industry leaders and stakeholders alike - to identify concerns impacting irrigation and related areas of agriculture, future planning and sustainability.

The Isuzu Engines stand showcased a broad cross-section of product with a focus on the six-cylinder Isuzu 6HK1 power unit on display with locally-developed components, including a new cooling package.

“Our 6HK1 mechanical engine is built using local components and is rated to 50 degrees Celsius ambient temperature and offers 191 horsepower,” said Isuzu Engines Sales Manager, Rod Best. “It’s therefore ideal for Australian conditions and those larger irrigation applications.”

Participating at a key gathering such as Irrigation Australia’s event offered opportunities to connect with Isuzu Engine’s target audience, according to Best.

“Irrigation installers and pump suppliers will look to our range of engines to provide them with the required horse power to drive their pumps or other applications that they may be looking at,” said Best. “It’s a key event on our calendar as we continue to highlight the Isuzu name within the irrigation industry.”

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