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Isuzu Giga gets the gig at Dimchurch Vineyards

To ensure stock continues to flow throughout the busiest seasons, Dimchurch Vineyards recently purchased an Isuzu Giga CXY 455 6x4 Premium. 

It seems there’s something special in the soil at Dimchurch Vineyards’ Ebenezer property, nestled in the northern reaches of South Australia’s picturesque Barossa Valley. It’s land the Hoffman family has proudly worked for over 150 years. 

“We’re viticulturalists who focus on winemaking,” said Dimchurch Vineyards’ part-owner, Jeff Hoffman.

“We sell grapes to up to eleven different wine companies, but we also produce a small batch for our own enterprise.

“The truck works seven days a week and is on the road for 12 hours a day,” Hoffman said.

“We use the Giga to tow a dog trailer which it does with ease thanks to its excellent horsepower and torque ratings.”

With a 54,000kg Gross Combination Mass rating along with respective horsepower and torque ratings of 455hp at 1,800rpm and an impressive 2,255Nm at 1,300rpm, the Giga has ample power and torque for this application.

The company chose the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) with fully clutch-less and manual transmission modes because of its ease of operation.

“The Giga’s our main truck,” Hoffman said. “All our fruit gets picked into two-tonne bins which are then lifted onto the truck with a forklift.

“We transport the grapes to the winery to unload, and the truck then travels back and forth between the winery and vineyards all day.

Speaking about service and support, Hoffman said: “North East Isuzu was fantastic and they matched the truck with a trailer, so now we can accomplish with one truck what used to require two.”

The Giga has an Isri 6860 air-suspension seat with pneumatic lumbar support, leaving Jeff feeling a little fresher after a twelve-hour day behind the wheel, and a multimedia unit with a 4.8 inch LCD touchscreen and Bluetooth to keep him entertained.

“We chose Isuzu because of its reliability. Owning a truck that’s as reliable and easy to drive as the Giga gives our business a lot of certainty going forward.

“It’s a hard landscape around here, and the truck has to handle dirt roads and drive off the beaten track, so Isuzu’s reputation for safety was another important factor to us.”

The Giga’s safety features include Anti-lock Braking (ABS), driver airbag with seatbelt pretensioner, an ECE-R29 compliant cab and an ECE-R93 compliant Front Underun Protection Device (FUPD).

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