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Isuzu helps Arbor Guy reach new heights

Western Australia–based tree service provider, Arbor Guy, utilises Isuzu trucks for its diversified transport needs.

Arbor Guy was founded in 2008 by Managing Director, Guy Badger, who drew on his 17 years of experience as a qualified arborist.

Beginning with a small but dedicated three-person team, the business has exploded to an operation employing 28 full-time employees.

“We just have a real passion for trees,” said Badger. “I’ve handpicked my staff from all over the world and brought them all under one roof.”

Arbor Guy crews work all over the state of Western Australia, offering services such as tree care, pruning, removal and transplanting, green waste mulching, weed control and in-house traffic management.

A big believer in innovation, Badger employs a cloud-based field service and job management system to enable a paperless office management system.

He has carried the ethos of cutting-edge technology into the company’s transport solution by investing in industry-best trucks that can keep pace with the growth of the business.

In 2010, Badger sought a truck to take his business to the next level. His options were Isuzu and another Japanese truck brand, but he said the decision was made easier after visiting both dealerships.

“Since 2010 we’ve bought all our trucks from South West Isuzu at Bunbury south of Perth and we have two more on order right now. They were integral to our ultimate decision.”

Over the last nine years Arbor Guy has grown its fleet to a total of nine Isuzu trucks, all designed to meet the unique daily needs of the business.

From floating elevated work platforms to towing commercial grade wood-chippers, there’s an Isuzu solution suited to each application.

The heroes of the fleet are the NPR 75-190 and the FSR 140-260, both fitted with tray bodies, which carry the forestry machinery out into the field.

“For the distance they do, the trucks are paired up perfectly,” said Badger.

“South West Isuzu gave us the best possible recommendation after we told them what we’d be using them for and they’ve never led us astray.

“The biggest benefit of partnering with Isuzu is the servicing they offer,” he said. “If we’ve got an issue we always have priority and they get us up and running straight away. That is key for us.”

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