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Isuzu introduces worldwide electronic catalogue

EQ-Hit, a new electronic parts catalogue, has been launched by Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL).

Available worldwide, EQ-Hit, released in late June, will reportedly provide dealers with new tools and capabilities that will greatly improve usability.

Developed in Japan, with input from IAL, the program has been touted as an all-in-one dealer solution. The catalogue hosts several help videos to help explain the features and functionality of various parts.

Additional videos will be available in the future.

Isuzu Japan will provide regular updates to ensure dealers have the latest information. 

The catalogue will feature all Isuzu Trucks and Industrial and Marine Engines. More accurate data achieved through advanced filtering will help streamline the information for interpreting parts. Other features include an illustration preview function to allow users to compare illustrations simultaneously; parts history and supersession data stored within the catalogue; the ability to add, edit or delete user notes specific to a dealership.

Some additional functions will provide user feedback directly through EQ-Hit and automatically records the section of the catalogue being viewed at the time; and save and stock picklists.

Should fleet managers and Isuzu Truck owners want to do their own parts interpreting and ordering they can subscribe to the catalogue.

“IAL is working with Isuzu Japan to provide dealers with additional features specific to Australia for parts and related information and will continuously work with Isuzu Japan on developing further improvements,” the company said on its website.

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