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Isuzu takes part in Variety Bash

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu Australia Limited, has continued its association with the Children's Charity by taking part in this year's Variety Bash.

The 15 year association involves the annual Variety Bash, an event that passes through outback towns and communities across the Nullabor before it finishes in Geraldton, Western Australia, 11 days after departing Melbourne.

Along the way the charity event stops in at schools and organisations, dropping off specialised equipment for children.

Isuzu provided its support truck, a Giga CXY prime mover that towed a trailer with camping gear, essential materials and much needed donated equipment.

The first Outback Bash was created by Dick Smith and took place in 1985.

Isuzu Australia Limited National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman said Isuzu was proud to be associated with the Variety Bash.

“We are pleased to support Variety for another year, helping them provide and deliver equipment to children in need," he said.

“Variety works towards helping all children have the same opportunities, and we are happy to contribute to such a meaningful cause.”

The Isuzu support truck enabled the Variety Bash to travel through more remote regions so that it could reach into isolated areas according to Julie Baxter, Head of Corporate and Motoring Events at Variety - The Children's Charity.

“The reliability of the Isuzu truck has allowed us to achieve more, helping us to bring more cars along for the ride each year," she said.

“All of this goes towards increasing our impact on helping to brighten the lives of children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs," said Baxter.

“The truck is vital to the operational side of the Variety Bash and Isuzu’s support means that this does not come at a cost to Variety, and therefore we can maximise our impact by helping more kids in need.”

Over its 35-year history, Variety Bash has visited hundreds of schools and fundraised for essential items for children, including wheelchair-accessible drinking fountains and playground equipment.

With eight stops in this year’s Variety Bash, entrants and the Isuzu support truck experienced the landscapes of Ceduna in South Australia and Mount Magnet in Western Australia.

“Last year we were able to directly impact the lives of 12,290 kids through more than $1.6 million in grants,” said Baxter.

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