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Isuzu tipper plays starring role in port maintenance

GeelongPort recently acquired an Isuzu NPR 65-190 Tipper Crew to expedite maintenance works at its facilities.

The Port of Geelong, now branded as GeelongPort, is claimed to be the second largest facility of its type in Victoria, said to be managing in excess of $7 billion in annual trade and providing more than 1,800 jobs. 

Located in Corio Bay, about 75 kilometres southwest of Melbourne, the port incorporates 15 operational berths including specialist and general cargo berths, between two primary precincts, Corio Quay and Lascelles.

As with any major piece of infrastructure, maintenance and management of the port facilities (between the two precincts) is critical to its daily operations.

“Maintenance is critical to seamless operations within the port,” said General Manager of the GeelongPort Maintenance Team, Darren Green.

“We have two direct groups to help with that: Lascelles maintenance team which handles the cranes, hoppers, conveyor systems and grabs and our core infrastructure team that maintains the buildings and any structures both land and sea side from water craft.”

The latest reinforcement to join this maintenance machine is an Isuzu NPR 65-190 Tipper Crew.

“Whether it’s rubbish tip runs, collecting gravel or just general maintenance, the tipper is important for all types of work we perform at the Port,” said Green. “It’s our go-to truck.”

The NPR Tipper is the backbone of Isuzu’s popular Ready-to-Work range, making it an ideal solution for a diverse range of work.

The NPR 65-190 Tipper boasts a gross vehicle mass of 6,500kg, power of 140kW at 2,600 rpm and torque of 513Nm between 1,600 and 2,600 rpm.

Procured as a replacement for an ageing truck, the Isuzu Tipper has reportedly earned a great reputation with maintenance workers at the facility.

Having the right solution for the job was of paramount importance to Green, so he sought the assistance of the team at Winter & Taylor Isuzu in Geelong, who specified the right model based on the unique operational requirements.

“Our contact, Paul Cooper, and the team at Winter & Taylor were extremely knowledgeable, so our experience with them was first class,” said Green.

“The Tipper has been an asset to our operations. The whole experience of purchasing it and the way the vehicle has performed so far have been second to none.”

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