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IVECO to showcase firefighting vehicles at AFAC

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, IVECO Australia, will display its emergency service capabilities by showcasing two distinct vehicles at this year’s annual Australian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC) conference, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 27 to 30 August.

The selected vehicles, an M42L-AS Turntable Ladder appliance developed by IVECO’s specialist firefighting equipment sister brand, Magirus, and a Dual Cab ML140 Eurocargo 4x4 tanker, demonstrates the breadth of IVECO’s product range for firefighting applications.

The Eurocargo ML140 4x4 heavy tanker will feature a Bell Environmental body and is a model that has made steady inroads into rural firefighting bodies across the country in recent years.

The truck features a powerful 5.9 litre turbodiesel engine producing 205kW (129hp) and 950Nm of torque and is coupled to a 6-speed synchromesh automated manual transmission.

Another great asset of this model, according to IVECO Australia, is its off-road capability, boasting a full-time 4x4 driveline with standard front, centre and rear locking differentials and hub reduction to both axles.

Inside the cab, there is seating and ample room for the driver and up to four crew in full turn-out gear. 
The second display vehicle, a European-designed M42L-AS Turntable Ladder appliance is built by Magirus on a Eurocargo 4x2 platform and features a three person / 500kg working cage spec’d for working at heights of up to 42 metres.

“This appliance is ideal for a range of firefighting applications including: general firefighting, firefighting from height as well as a range of rescue and inspection tasks such as: civilian rescue from height, tree and debris clearing, bridge incident and inspection,” IVECO Australia said in a statement. “The M42L-AS’s cage can even be used as a point from which to abseil during rescues.”

IVECO Emergency Service & Specialised Account Manager, Rory Wale, said IVECO’s AFAC display would provide attendees with a sample of IVECO’s diverse emergency service capabilities.

“For traditional firefighting applications particularly in regional and remote areas, the Eurocargo 4x4-based appliances are increasingly becoming a favourite around the country,” said Wale.

“The combination of a high output engine with smooth power delivery, superior ergonomics for driver and crew and unparalleled off-road ability, make it difficult for other manufacturers to match this product,” he said.

Wale said that IVECO’s close association with sister brand Magirus, a dedicated manufacturer of firefighting appliances, provided many opportunities to showcase these specialised vehicles to Australian audiences and prospective customers.

Magirus reportedly developed the first turntable ladder appliance and remains a leader in turntable ladder technology.

“Magirus has a long and proud heritage in Europe offering a broad range of innovative turn-key firefighting solutions,” said Wale.

“Increasingly, the brand is now being considered more greatly in the Australian and New Zealand markets and response to Magirus products is extremely positive.

“We’re confident that the M42L-AS model that IVECO is showcasing this year at AFAC will draw a lot of attention and enquiry.

“Following AFAC, IVECO will also demonstrate a Magirus turntable ladder appliance to a number of firefighting bodies on the eastern seaboard, allowing these organisations to see the vehicle in operation,” he said.

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