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Labor Party commits to tackling road safety

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has welcomed the Labor Party’s commitment to establishing a system to tackle safety for the road transport industry.

This commitment to improving road safety, announced at the Labor Party National Conference, will reportedly see the party engage with the TWU and key industry players in developing a system of safe standards which will apply to all parties in the transport supply chain and raise standards across the industry.

“This is an important day for our industry because we can be assured that under a Labor government, there will be a priority to make transport safer and fairer,” said TWU National Secretary, Michael Kaine.

“The industry is on its knees because of the way wealthy companies at the top demand that their goods be delivered for the bare minimum. In trucking this means constant financial pressure on transport operators and drivers. This sees drivers pushed to work long hours, speed and skip rest breaks and it means vital maintenance on trucking fleets is delayed,” he said – adding that the transport industry has a brighter future, with a plan for sustainable businesses, quality jobs and safer roads.

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