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LBRCA reflects on 2017

The Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA) has reviewed its efforts over the past year, citing a strong sense of community and achievement.

"Our grassroots association is buzzing with passionate and dedicated individuals who repeatedly and unselfishly give their input to push for change,” said LBRCA President, Lynley Minders.

“The sense of community within our association created by this cohesive atmosphere is unlike any I have experienced before and I attribute our success over the past 12 months to this approach.

“In February, we farewelled former New South Wales Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, and welcomed his replacement, Melinda Pavey, soon thereafter. The momentum with the New South Wales Government continued with both the LBRCA and Minister Pavey maintaining an ‘open-and-honest-door’ policy, as we did with Minister Gay. This attitude has seen progress catapult on many of our work priorities.

“Being an apolitical association the LBRCA is not connected to any political party, however we do work closely with the government of the day on our agreed work program to enact change for the benefit of our members and the long-term viability of our industry.

“We have worked tirelessly to reach out to all sides of government in various capacities to promote who we are and what we represent. We haven’t changed our approach nor our story based on our audience. We have simply sought to inform and educate those with an interest in our industry by relaying an honest and consistent message.

2017 was a significant year for the LBRCA with leaps and bounds made with our work program. We have seen traction in long-overdue areas including primary producer registration concession identification, low volume access, the intelligent access program, ramp infrastructure, effluent, and load restraint, as well as streamlining activities associated with the NSW Livestock Loading Scheme, Grain Harvest Management Scheme, and transfer of heavy vehicles in New South Wales.”

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