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LBRCA welcomes Staysafe Committee report

The Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA) has welcomed the report handed down by the Staysafe Committee into heavy vehicle safety and the use of technology to improve road safety.

LBRCA representative and life member, Paul Pulver, said the report containing eight recommendations and 10 findings is a crucial step forward for the heavy vehicle freight sector in New South Wales and more broadly, nationally.

“The Committee should be applauded for their in-depth and balanced approach to understanding the intricacies of the heavy vehicle task including how emerging technologies may or may not contribute to better safety outcomes,” said Pulver. “Many of the Committee findings resonate the views voiced tirelessly by the LBRCA and our members over many years including that the benefits of non-electronic technologies should be understood and not overlooked when considering how to improve heavy vehicle safety.”

At the public hearing, Pulver cited the safety advantage of installing ripple strips and buffers between lanes of major highways as an example of non-electronic technologies. He also expanded on LBRCA’s reservations regarding the introduction of Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs), stating that not enough was known about EWDs or how they would operate and be regulated.

Pulver expressed concern that unclear regulation could result in requirements for multiple telematics devices to be installed in trucks, while if left to operators they could source and fit single devices to gather all the required information.

Questioning the cost of the IAP in exchange for the benefits provided to operators, Pulver said: “We did not get any feedback whatsoever from IAP.  It cost money to put them in, to run them each month and to have the truck off the road for a day every year to get them recertified and resealed.”

Staysafe Chair, Greg Aplin, said that while the Committee has not made a recommendation for a particular regulatory framework, as with driverless vehicles, Staysafe is convinced that only a national approach to regulation will ensure the best safety outcomes for the state.

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