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Linfox cuts reportable injuries by 26 per cent

Linfox has reduced its 12-month Total Reportable Injury Frequency Rate by more than 26 per cent the Australian logistics company confirmed.

According to a statement made by Mark Mazurek CEO Linfox Logistics Australia, the company has increased its investment in health and safety following a joint report made public in May by Monash University and Transport Workers Union, it co-funded which found that transport and logistics workers are five times more likely to be injured at work than other Australian employees.

“Together with Monash University and the Transport Workers Union, we have invested in this study to better understand driver health and the challenges faced in the logistics sector,” commented Mazurek.

“As a leader in the industry, we continually invest in the health and safety of our people. This is reflected in our Healthy Fox program.”

Mazurek said Linfox was committed to Vision Zero, its program to reduce vehicles incidents, injuries, emissions and fatalities it launched in 2006.

“Our commitment to Vision Zero means we always strive to be safer, so we will be working with Monash to further improve our approach as more findings are released from the study,” he said.

The Transport and Logistics Industry Health and Wellbeing Research Study sought to collect data on diet, exercise, chronic illness, stress, mental health and other conditions associated with long haul driving and warehouse operations.

More recently Linfox has added another 300 efficient and safe Volvo and Scania prime movers to its burgeoning fleet. Mazurek said the company had also bolstered its trailing fleet, by investing in custom-made, high productivity trailers which have been built to increase efficiency, reduce loading and unloading times and maximise its load volumes.

“With out healthy workforce, increasingly efficient fleet, investment inour high security network and our FoxTrax transport management system, Linfox is increasing its efficiency, productivity, security and safety, ” he said.

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