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Linfox introduces new chief

Leading logistics specialist, Linfox, has introduced Doug Fryer, its new President Government and Defence.

As reported in July, Fryer was appointed to the role following over 30 years with Victoria Police where most recently he served as Assistant Commissioner in charge of Road Policing.

In a statement released online this week Linfox said Fryer brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver optimal outcomes for customers and the business.

Fryer’s team will be responsible for delivering sophisticated supply chain solutions to improve operational efficiencies for the company’s defence and government partners.

Linfox’s safety culture, according to Fryer, has been a true standout since he joined the business in July this year.

“The focus on hazard reporting is something I’ve never seen before in 33 years of policing,” he said.

“I get notified of every reported hazard, whether it’s a light bulb not working in the toilets or a broom in the hallway or a spot of water on the floor. This is key to improving safety in the workplace because if our people are not reporting it than they’re not thinking about it.”

He said government agencies with significant logistical activity required a trusted industry partner like Linfox to ensure best practice standards were delivered around efficiencies and warehousing governance.

“It’ a smart way to do business and ensures these functions do not take away from the agency’s core operational focus,” said Fryer.

Because of the ongoing strength of its relationships with government and defence partners Linfox can navigate challenges together and optimise its opportunities according to Fryer.

In a time of increased focus on national security and counter terrorism this served an important purpose in Australia.

“Our relationship has matured over the years and is incredibly robust, allowing us to navigate any challenge that comes our way,” said Fryer.

“If the alert levels ramp up within Australia, we ramp up. The structures we have in place are agile and nimble and if Defence’s requirements change, we can move quickly and meet that need.”

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