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Linfox on autonomous transport future

Third-party logistics company, Linfox, is working directly with vehicle manufacturers to ensure electric and autonomous technology bring solutions that meets its customers’ needs, according to Executive Chair, Peter Fox.

Fox commented on the state of electric and autonomous technologies in Linfox’s online publication, Transport of Tomorrow.

“Electric technologies are becoming commonplace in passenger cars, and as advances occur in battery technologies we will see a much greater take up of electric vehicles in commercial applications,” said Fox.

“We believe the current battery technology will restrict the use of electric heavy vehicles to urban distribution and short haul trips. However, over time we will see an exponential increase in electric vehicle usage,” he said.

Fox has speculated on a cleaner transportation future with reduced consumption of diesel fuel without compromise to vehicle performance.

“Linfox’s GreenFox program has already reduced our total emissions across the Asia Pacific region by more than 50 per cent,” said Fox.

“Electric vehicles will allow us to go much further, with the environmental benefits growing as the electricity used to charge is increasingly produced by renewable resources.

“The advance in electric vehicles, microprocessors and image recognition technology will further enable the use of autonomous vehicles. While further off than electric vehicles, autonomous technology is advancing rapidly and it is clear that it works. We will see the benefits in efficiency and safety from the progress being made in autonomous technologies,” he said.

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