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Linfox welcomes CoR laws

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) provisions in Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) are set to increase the focus on maintenance as road transport companies and senior management are expected to take a more proactive lead in approaches to compliance, according to Linfox.

Changes to regulations taking effect in October according to the Australian logistics company, will increase scrutiny on those business practices that encourage infringements of new CoR requirements.

The three sets of regulations CoR currently covers include mass, dimension and loading obligations, speed compliance and fatigue management.

Further amendments to heavy vehicle law will cover vehicle standards.

Executive officers of transport companies are in a position to ensure their businesses do not avoid their responsibilities with everyone in the supply chain expected to play a role. According to Craig Olsson, Linfox Group Manager Compliance, emerging technology had given the company greater visibility of its fleets and drivers with which to better manage driver fatigue and subcontractor compliance.

“We have a range of systems and procedures in place to ensure safety is always top of mind,” he told the Linfox website. “Managing subcontractor compliance is particularly challenging, but our subcontractor management system helps us ensure our subcontractor drivers meet Linfox’s high standards of performance.”

“With thousands of vehicles on our roads, compliance is fundamental to the success of our business,” said Olsson.

80 per cent of heavy vehicle incidents are not the fault of the heavy-vehicle driver. Of the remaining 20 per cent, fatigue, speed, substance abuse and driver distraction all remained common factors. New penalties will be introduced to help combat these causes with fines of $300,000 for individuals, $3 million for corporations and up to five years imprisonment set for those found in breach of the regulations.

Mark Whitworth, Linfox General Counsel Corporate Legal and Compliance expected the new amendments to the Heavy Vehicle National Law to issue in a new era of compliance in the industry.

“We welcome the latest amendments to CoR in favour of a more proactive approach to safety on our roads.”

In other news, Doug Fryer will be joining Linfox Logistics as President Government and Defence.

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