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LNG exports help battle global emissions

Rapid growth in liquefied natural gas (LNG) is helping to reduce emissions on a global scale according to Energy Minister Angus Taylor despite figures released this week by the Federal Government that suggested they were on the rise.

In the year to December emissions for the electricity sector fell by 3.5 per cent while agriculture as an industry also saw a drop of 3.3 per cent.

An increase in diesel consumption helped increase transport emissions by 2.8 per cent last calendar year.

Australian greenhouse gas emissions also rose by 0.8 per cent with LNG exports increasing by 22 per cent.

LNG exports sold into Asia according to Taylor were beneficial for the environment in the long run as they were reducing reliance on coal.

"Coal won't disappear overnight," he said.

"It can't possibly because we don't have the alternatives yet."

The Department of the Environment and Energy confirmed in the report that Australia's emissions had totalled 538.2 million tonnes when measured as greenhouse gases.

"This is a substantial global contribution to be proud of. The Morrison government is not going to trash successful Australian export industries that are reducing global emissions, in order to reduce Australian emissions," he said.

(Energy Minister Angus Taylor).

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