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Logical team leader talks driver recruitment

The phrase fit-for-purpose is common in the road transport industry.

It often refers to commercial vehicles original equipment manufacturers have evaluated and delivered specific to the requirements of its customers.

Logical Staffing Solutions does the same only with people – more specifically drivers.

Dragi Mitrevski, Logical Staffing Solutions Team Leader, has been with the company since 2012.

A former client of Logical himself, having worked with Linfox and K&S Transport, Dragi comes with a background in Human Resources and for five years he ran his own fleet of subcontractor owner-drivers in semi-trailers and B-doubles.

“It’s a little bit different now where I am contracting out people instead of full rigs,” he says.

Heading up the transport division Dragi oversees the recruitment process involved in hiring these people.

His daily assignments involve managing the more than 120 casuals who drive for Logical Staffing Solutions across a range of tasks.

Each driver is assessed according to skill set and experience.

Once their suitability has been evaluated Dragi assigns them to a specialised area, as Logical focuses on the finer details of road transport to satisfy the needs of its customers.

These include refrigeration, container, curtainsider, flattop and both changeover and interstate linehaul work.

“We provide ready made drivers in the field required for our clients. Other companies will send a driver with a B-double licence who has been doing Melbourne to Brisbane linehaul work out somewhere suddenly on a container job,” Dragi says. “It doesn’t work like that. A manager of a retail store is not to be compared with a manager of a transport company. It’s totally different. The terminology of a B-double driver doesn’t mean he can do any B-double work.”

According to Dragi 70 per cent of the drivers are in regular ongoing roles.

“With these drivers it requires weekly management. There is a level of familiarity and expectation. The other 30 per cent of clients varies from weekly, monthly and daily assignments.”

The newer drivers are not unemployed Dragi explains.

“These people are by and large changing the type of work they do or moving location. Whether it’s pay or position they are basically upskilling.”

Having recently opened a new Queensland office to complement its locations in Melbourne, Dragi says Logical now shares clientele. These are mostly casual drivers.

“Drivers from Melbourne who have moved to Queensland and continued on with Queensland and vice versa,” he says.

Driver retention is also impressive.

He reels off the names of John Toogood, Rick Holbrook, Lance Devlin, John Simpson and others who have been with Logical since he started six years ago.

The company prides itself on an excellent pay record in which everyone is paid in full on time.

With a current shortage of operators in the industry Dragi says Logical has been fortunate despite the challenges facing some businesses.

“It’s probably more good management than luck. We don’t have high turnover here. The average service for our people is 12 months which in this industry is quite high.”

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