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M2M One talks telematics management solutions

Vehicle tracking has been around in some form since the start of data driven networks, but M2M One General Manager, James Mack, has identified significant changes in the way transport companies are using cellular data in recent times.

M2M One supplies SIM cards and data plans specifically for machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, offering a managed service designed to assist companies in incorporating telematics into their product offering to manage cost, logistics and support for SIMs.

“Telematics is one of the oldest use cases in M2M and IoT,” said Mack.

“One of the largest trends we’re seeing is that the amount of data customers are using is on the rise. As telematics devices and cameras become more prevalent, manufacturers and fleet managers want to get as much data out of their investment as possible.

“This is causing companies to expand their product range from the traditional ‘dots on a map’ tracking service to a full suite of fleet intelligence products that help customers optimise everything from vehicle wear and tear to delivery quality,” he said.

Mack asserted that there are various reasons fleet customers have turned to M2M One for their telematics management solutions rather than dealing directly with major providers.

“Typically this is because of issues with visibility and active management,” said Mack.

“A lot of customers come to us because they’ve been trying to buy SIMs directly from operators but the quantities are small initially so they can’t get the support or attention they need. The other major reason is that they’ve been hit with a high excess usage bill due to the lack of visibility or management.

“With our customers it doesn’t matter if you have ten SIMs or 10,000, if we see you are approaching excess usage, we call you and get it resolved straight away so you never have to worry about bill-shock,” he said.

M2M One will be exhibiting at MEGATRANS2018, which is being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 10-12 May 2018. At the event, M2M One will take visitors through its customer portal to demonstrate ways in which the business can help manage support and usage in real-time transport applications. The M2M One team will also be on hand to talk about some examples of how it is currently working with the transport industry operators.

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