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Mack Trucks launches Driving Australia Forward

A new campaign has been launched by commercial vehicle manufacturer, Mack Trucks, it announced this week.

The campaign, Driving Australia Forward, celebrates the working men and women who have helped build the Mack brand over last 100 years, especially those in Australia, where the iconic trucks are manufactured in Brisbane.

Driving Australia Forward acknowledges the significant contribution truck drivers have played in shaping modern Australia.

With the current driver shortage soon set to reach a critical mass, the campaign will actively promote truck driving as a viable career path.

From the largest infrastructure projects to mining and growing ecommerce, road transport, as is made mentioned in the campaign, keeps the national economy going.

Without the trucking industry, according to statement issued by Mack Trucks, Australia would soon grind to a halt.

Dean Bestwick, Mack Trucks Vice President said the company was proud to feature the iconic song Working Class Man as part of 100 anniversary celebrations for the brand.

“Australia relies on road freight. This campaign is a chance to celebrate the unsung heroes who drive the highways, from the outback to the cities, to keep the country moving,” he said.

“Mack Trucks, with its Australian production facility and comprehensive network of service centres, is well placed to meet any future growth in road freight,” said Bestwick.

“However, as an industry we need to work together to look at solutions to issues such as driver shortages.”

“Our Driving Australia Forward campaign will hopefully get people talking about the vital role trucking plays in the economy and help attract new ‘working class heroes’ into the industry.”

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