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Mastery Construction growing strong due to smart vehicle choices

A Sydney start-up has credited its rapid success to a policy of delivering a holistic experience for its customers and a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to fleet management.

According to Mitch Chilton, Director of Mastery Construction in Caringbah, providing the company's growing clientele with a complete construction package – from initial concept and design through to the final finishing touches – has allowed it to carve a name for itself in the competitive renovations market in only three years.

“We try to cut it back and really explain all the different cost components before we go ahead with the work,” he explained – adding customers appreciate an honest, ‘no-nonsense’ approach to business.

Unsurprisingly, Mitch took the same outlook when choosing his company vehicle, an Isuzu ‘Premium Tradepack’.

“The Isuzu can pick up supplies while still having room on the back for all the different bits and pieces I might need on-site,” he said.

With a GVM of 4,500 kg, the Isuzu NPR 45-155 Tradepack medium wheel base cab chassis supports a specifically designed, heavy-duty aluminium tray with galvanised ladder racks and integrated load restraint anchor points that can handle the toughest loads.

In addition to offering something different in his approach, Mitch said the key to growing a young company from the ground up is dependability and reliability.

“The Tradepack’s been a great asset to our business because it can carry a lot more than a traditional utility can. It doesn’t struggle with the weight,” he said.
“Plus, it’s a pleasure to drive and has a better turning circle than many utes as well.

Helping make life easier is the Tradepack’s 3,500 kg rated towbar, essential for many trades, especially in the earlier excavation phases where skidsteers and backhoes are required. “I’ve had a couple of situations when I’ve had a heavy load on my trailer and, where in the past my ute would have struggled, the Isuzu’s taken it on with no dramas.”

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