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McColl’s lands major equipment upgrades

National liquid logistics company McColl’s has taken recent delivery of 40 new prime movers and 24 tankers.

Nine Kenworth T409s, a Kenworth T610, two Scania R730s, two Volvo Globetrotters and a Tieman compartmented tanker have been added to the fleet the company confirmed in an announcement.

The dairy division has received six new Byford road trains and three new Tieman 26-metre road trains with additional payload and steerable axles to provide better access on farms.

It also purchased 26 Volvo FM 540s and three Scania R560s as part of its replacement of older assets.

“McColl’s has purchased two new Evolution tankers made using carbon fibre composite materials, with a polyethylene thermoplastic interior for the Bulk Chemicals Division,” the company said in a statement.

“This means the tankers are far less corrosive and suitable to transport a wide range of liquids. The thermoplastic interior also reduces absorption which means that we can switch safely between different products after a wash out.”

McColls also announced that two new Tieman dangerous goods tankers had been ordered to work as a pocket road train in Western Australia.

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