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Melbourne food business depends on Iveco Daily

Natural food product distributor, Earthly Indulgence, is using an Iveco Daily 50C van as a mobile office as well as a road transport vehicle.

Business owners, Ian and Linda Ward, reportedly spend long hours on the road each day delivering a range of goods to supermarkets, cafés, health food shops, chemists and fitness and wellbeing centres.

“The Daily is fitted with an inverter and powers a computer and printer, Wi-Fi system and bankcard machine,” said Ian Ward.

“We deliver from the Mornington Peninsula outside of Melbourne to just about all areas of Victoria, so this set-up allows us to stay on top of all the business’ administration. We can spend 8-10 hours of the day out with the van, so it’s important that we’re efficient,” he said.

Given the long hours, another important consideration for the couple in selecting a suitable delivery vehicle was comfort and ease-of-use.

The van features Iveco’s 3.0 litre turbo-diesel engine which produces 170hp of power and 430Nm of torque and is matched to the market-leading Hi-Matic 8-speed full automatic transmission. It is an outstanding combination according to Ian.

“The engine is powerful and the 8-speed automatic is fantastic,” said Ian Ward.

“When the speed limit allows, we can very comfortably hold 110 kilometres per hour, uphill and with close to two tonnes of payload in the back. It doesn’t feel like you’re driving a big van.

“The van does it so easily that you wouldn’t think it was even loaded,” he said.

Away from the open road, the Wards also make many deliveries around the Melbourne CBD and regional centres where narrow and congested city streets can pose challenges for other delivery vehicles.

“It’s great on the freeway but the Daily is also good in the inner-city traffic,” said Ian ward. “

With big mirrors, a reversing camera and a tight turning circle, the Daily negotiates these conditions quite easily.

“People also comment on how great the van looks and how clever the mobile office solution is, I think we’ve probably sold four or five of them.”

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